• Michelle Mudhar

Pull Ups a plenty

Updated: Aug 24, 2018


Rig well and truly set up i was ready to start training. My local climbing wall, Awesome Walls Stockport, has been incredibly supportive. Donating space to set up a climbing rig, and an area for me to train in. Took it easy on my first outing. A 23m prusik just to get my shoulders warmed up. I still needed to be able to wheel my chair around for the rest of the week and all the other duties of a para so it was important to work up the distance slowly.

During my visits to Glenmore Lodge and Petzl I really struggled with pain when using the standard harnesses and special workmans harnesses. It was clear I needed something more supportive to alleviate the pressure under the my legs. Again Andy Kirkpatrick and Karen Darke had already found a solution. Using a paragliding harness instead. I LOVE my Jin Yeti harness which you can see in the picture, it feels like a second skin. Special thanks goes to ukairsports.com for their discounted prices!

See the rig in action my blog "Para in Motion"

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