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What has been a mammoth effort of; 20+ hours of sewing from Dawn Brankley, some beautiful stainless steel craftsmanship by a helpful kayaker and of course the conception, design and building of the original wheels by Scott Bradley, has led to a trip back to Teggs Nose to test the wheels outdoors

5 weeks ago, with no secure way to attach the wheels to me and my legs getting caught in them we were out of ideas. Should we just start from the drawing board again?? A facebook shout out followed, along with consultation with ALOT of engineers. Ideas ranging from attaching rescue board, to carrying brackets to keep the rope from the wall followed.

But the thing about the wheels we have is they're incredibly light, approx 2Kgs. So when Chris Waugh who I met from my wheelchair racing days simply said " you want to put a bit of velcro on that and some wheel guards", well it was such an elegant solution it HAD to work....right!?

YES.......it really really has :-D A good job too because the Sunday Times got wind of the challenge and were there at the testing to take photos!! Don't forgot to buy your copy of the paper this Sunday, 26th August 2018!

The battle is far from over though. With the amount of time its taken to iron out the technical difficulties to get the wheels to work its left no time to train with them outdoors. I'm going up the Old Man of Hoy without really knowing how strong I need to be to do the slab section. I do know that our short little test outdoors was HARD WORK. Am I nervous?? YES!!!!

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