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VIDEO: A sticky situation

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

A quick reminder. The existing wheel rig has TWO big problems:

1. It won't stay in the right position

2. The wheels keep tearing up my legs.

If you've seen the Facebook post, your next question is probably what on earth I'm going to do with 1.4 x 1 m sheet of velcro to solve the problems with the rig?? Its hard to explain, best to watch the video!

Ok....so assuming you got what we're doing with the velcro. The next part is what we've done to the wheels. The picture on the left shows the existing set up, the wheels are biting at my leg. The picture on the right shows the new wheel guards to stop this.

So we've got some solutions to the 2 problems......but I have absolutely ZERO idea if they'll work. We're now coming to end of week 6.....just about enough time to finish the velcro and go test the new set up. I currently have EVERYTHING crossed!

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