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I LOVE the outdoors!

Five years ago I fell whilst climbing and sustained a spinal cord injury leaving me paralysed from the waist down. Through my own personal voyage of discovery I'm exploring what my new body can do and the adaptations out there to help me.

And believe me, adventure doesn't need to stop because of paralysis! You just need a little bit of help along the way. 

But really the door into this world was opened to me at the Calvert Trust. This incredible facility that helps anyone from anywhere in the rainbow of disability discover the outdoors. A place where your preconceptions about your abilities are challenged and individuals can explore their boundaries.

I believe in the trust so much that I've challenged myself to be the first paraplegic to climb the Old Man of Hoy all in the hope that you'll join me along the journey and donate some money to the cause.


Lets make sure that EVERYONE can experience the outdoors and smash down those barriers as they go.