• Michelle Mudhar

Wheeling up sandpaper?

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

I'm an Engineer, a Mechanical Engineer. Its my job to problem solve. But I'm much happier crunching data than materials into a useful form. Its always my delight that I know other engineers who are FAR MORE practical than myself! I envy their skill and imagination at design. When I approached my friend Scott Bradley (Mechanical Engineer Proper), and asked for his help in getting past my little "crawling up sandpaper" issue, he as always jumped at the chance of a "little" project to bend his tools round.

It started as a little sketch:

AND THEN.......

Became a CAD model which could be sent to a manufacturer, to laser cut the aluminium

......AND THEN

All the bits arrived and I got to play at being a proper engineer with nuts and bolts when we assembled it together.


We just need to test it! Yikes!

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