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Ground Zero

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I am writing this whilst sat on the ferry to Orkney. The weather forecast is that rather amusing icon which shows a cloud with a rain drop under it and some sunshine poking out the top. In other words they have absolutley NO idea what the weather will do! What we do know, and this has been consistant and getting worse, is that the wind is forecast around 50mph. The high winds have made it too dangerous to land via kayak, too dangerous to connect to the stack via a rope between the land masses. The fates have dealt us a poor hand...there will be no climb of the Old Man of Hoy this week. We will have to delay until next year.

HOWEVER we are still getting on the ferry and going out to the stack with the instructors from Glenmore Lodge to undertake some training on Hoy. Its the perfect oppportunity to try the as yet un tested wheels, work on our rigging transfers and other bits of logistics surrounding the climb. An opportunity to undertake some route planning on the stack, have some thinking time and regroup. Its going to be good!

Already today we have been switching between ropes mid air at the indoor facilities in Glenmore and it totally worked!

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